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Deck Railing Design and Installation

Railing is an integral part of any decking project. There are numerous styles and materials to choose from including vinyl, composite, and cable systems.

Vinyl Rail comes in a variety of styles and colors. It is a cost effective way of meeting a budget with a low maintenance rail. Vinyl rail comes with aluminum reinforcement and light accents.

Composite Rail is available from all major manufacturers of composite decking. They come in many styles and colors and each company has their own unique texture, whether matte, stain, or glossy finish. They can be purchased with individual infill kits for cable rail, glass panel rail, and other types of individual balusters.

Aluminum Rail, offered by multiple manufacturers, adds a sleek, modern look to any backyard deck. Aluminum rail is available in several textures and colors and provides the minimum obstruction of your view.

Wood Rail allows you to customize the length and height of your rail. Wood rail can match any species of wood decking. It can be customized into styles not offered by composite and vinyl manufactures. Unlike other materials, wood is structural in nature and needs no additional reinforcement.

ADA Rail is offered according to today’s most current standards for accessibility. It comes in a variety of colors and is made of high strength aluminum.

Railing shouldn’t just be limited to kits – we also work with several companies that offer custom wrought iron rail.

All types of rail can be curved to the contour of your deck.

Pictures from our recent work with deck and porch railing across Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens:

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